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ubuntu alternatives

as well as the select-editor command ubuntu update-alternatives lets you make your favorite browser, texteditor etc your default

find out what your default apps are currently with

$ su -
# update-alternatives --get-selections

use update-alternatives –config to interactively change a single alt

$ su -
# update-alternatives --config x-terminal-emulator

or if you have a lot of spare time you can set ALL your favorite default apps

$ su -
# update-alternatives -all

Open Source directory communities

Now there are three open source directories that you can contribute to

ohloh has three particularly interesting features

  • a related tag(s) auto suggestion that has to seen/used to be believed
  • show the world your open source stack
  • ohloh javascript badges !

How big is your open source stack ? I've only a member for 12 hours and mine is already 10 pages long

ohloh automatic dynamic tagging screenshot (you really need a video to understand it fully)


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