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crazy goog phot assistant ux #fail

crazy goog phot assistant ux if you click NO to save the goog photo creation it doesnt delete it !

it just moves it a secret unlisted location

BP axe NECTAR, ESSO axes TESCO, ESSO adopts NECTAR #mktg #fail


Could it get any more confusing for the ever sufffering consumer ?

windows 10 18.03 breaks lenovo thinkpad display brightness and then bricks notebook @microsoftuk pls fix asap #fail

windows 10 18.03 (1803) update breaks lenovo thinkpad display brightness controls and then bricks notebook @microsoftuk pls fix asap

after updating to windows 10 18.03 (1803) on a lenovo thinkpad t410

  • display brightness controls no longer work
  • if you click reset your security processor (clear TPM) notebook is bricked and never reboots


  • DO NOT upgrade to windows 10 18.03
  • turn nightlight settings on to reduce display brightness
  • DO NOT click on reset your security processor
  • if you do then factory reset your BIOS and completely disable intel amt

windows 10 18.03 bricks thinkpad t410

post office broadband @pobroadband customer service falls short #fail

post office broadband (postoffice.co.uk) customer service falls short #fail

their website is down (they blame @btopenreach)



their 404 page doesnt even mention the pobroadband helpline number which is 034 5600 3210 (in case you want to cancel your account too)

their customer service systems are down (they blame @btopenreach) so they cant cancel your account until monday “can you please phone us back on monday”

they have a severe short term memory loss problems

48hrs ago they sent a letter saying there were no cancellation fees(due to price increases)

they just said you have to pay 2 months rental if you cancel !



howto #recover #restore access to your @instagram account

if you have lost your  email address then click on “ive been hacked” link then click on “actually i havent been hacked” link  

and be prepared to upload an uncropped version of one of your pictures MAKE sure you kept one BEFORE you broke your @instagram account #funky #security #fail

yet another #android mobile rendered useless by @google app updates

just like the htc google nexus one android the alcatel one touch 4010x android also runs out of internal memory and becomes unusable if you try to apply all the google play app updates ! so just dont ! and thats after uninstalling each and every optional app such as facebook and twitter !

google really need to rethink the SIZE of their app updates for all internal apps that cannot be uninstalled to prevent breaking of all androids that have < 128M internal memory