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guildford events from @evensi, @eventbrite, @growthhub & @meetup

guildford events from


#brighton events directories and listings

brighton events directories and listings

yahoo is killing upcoming next month

forget goog killing its rss reader, the thunderbird rss reader always worked for me, yahoo is killing upcoming next month ! not a big surprise since yahoo haven’t cared about it for over a year and let it fill up with spam “events”

so its time to move all my events to goog+ events or is there a better alternative ?

Assorted Google Calendars

Here are some assorted FLOSS & other Google calendars you may like !

  •      (Calendar ID: g72pef2iiuu28hmedcnce5h0u4@group.calendar.google.com)
  •      (Calendar ID: qpna5ns68f7mg0i4i3144meacg@group.calendar.google.com)
  •      (Calendar ID: enhf7e3cad3afc2iir8qq2u0ds@group.calendar.google.com)
  •      (Calendar ID: d1n27q6hsq56vcelnpvtom1tuk@group.calendar.google.com)
  •      (Calendar ID: kd5uv1ef5i412067uogofc6gcg@group.calendar.google.com)
  •      (Calendar ID: jsvshg562v20fl6qb6t830m17g@group.calendar.google.com)
  •      (Calendar ID: hfd4kb8t2459itpoleuahunaas@group.calendar.google.com)

Is there an better/easier way of sharing 'your' Google cal favs to others ?

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Yahoo Web Service Groups

Yahoo Upcoming events VOX group

Yahoo Upcoming is a community for discovering and sharing events. It can help you find stuff to do, discover what your friends are doing, or let you keep private events online for your own reference.

There is a brand new Upcoming VOX group that you could join !

More About Upcoming.

And here are some examples of Upcoming events in the UK

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