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Google has finally broken !

I just used Google to search for JavaScriptWebServices and got 51,000,000 which was completely UNEXPECTED.
It seems that Google had decided to split my single 'word' search into two separate words and if i want to stop Google 'splitting' my keywords i have to enclose them in ""'s as in "JavaScriptWebServices" and only then get the < 10 results I waqs expecting !

So when did Google start arbitarily changing users queries and how can I stop them doing it again ?

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TWO VOX bugs in one day !

In addition to my VOX ghost groups I have discovered VOX doesn't like spaces in photo filenames !

See http://osde-info.vox.com/library/post/google-map-widget-by-xantus.html

I also managed to get this error by open 8 posts from my library in separate tabs and trying to add them to the same group !

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How to fix del.icio.us Firefox “Unresponsive Script” errors

Sometimes the del.icio.us web 2.0 social bookmarking AJAX javascripts run a bit slowly and Firefox gives you an "Unresponsive Script" error. Original solution posted by Lifehacker. Thank you !

The solution is to increase the value of Firefoxs script timeout from 10 to 25

  1. Type about:config
  2. Filter by "max"
  3. Change dom.max_script_run_time from 10 to 25 (by double clicking on the value)

See also

Finally here are my del.icio.us bookmarks

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