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some more @microsoftuk windowkey + . #unicode #bugs #fail

on a webpage in firefox the first click of a windowkey + . heart gives black heart the second click (after clicking orange and yellow) gives red heart

screenshot_2019-01-20 ecosia - the search engine that plants trees

screenshot showing BLACK redheart then RED redheart

missing windowkey + . tooltips (icontips for white heart, brown heart and yellow shorts characters most tooltips / icontips (including ironically) the broken heart work fine


screen shot showing broken heart tooltip


howto display / enable apple utf8 emoji on ed/x/ubuntu gnu/linux


aptitude install ttf-ancient-fonts

you should now see

  • BACK ON TOP SOON as 🔙 🔛 🔝 🔜

instead of something like

F0F0F0F0 F0F0F0F0 F0F0F0F0 F0F0F0F0

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