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android things and rainbow hats #whatevernext #geek #hack #hw #pi

android things and rainbow hats #whatevernext #geek #hack #hw #pi

Embedded Linux in the real world

android is actually simplifying my life

Thanks to googles android mobile free libre open source mobile phone technology I can now leave dozens of apple iPod, iPhone, iTouch, NOKIA E* series, NOKIA N* series, Nintendo NDS, Palm, Symbian S60 & Treo etc etc flickr, NING & VOX bmn & smn groups and just focus all my efforts on androids ! A platform thats even lets me replace the system keyboard with a morse code reader has got to be the answer to everything !

Well that's the plan !

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BlueCat® embedded Linux® from LynuxWorks™

BlueCat® open-source embedded Linux® from LynuxWorks™

BlueCat® embedded Linux® from LynuxWorks™

BlueCat® Linux® is first embedded-Linux distribution to incorporate the 2.6 kernel.

BlueCat® Linux® is an implementation of the Linux model enhanced for use in embedded systems ranging from small consumer-type devices to large-scale, multi-CPU systems.

BlueCat Linux delivers the flexibility and cost benefits of open-source software.

It's uniquely constructed to be a stable, commercial-grade embedded operating system release which provides immediate productivity and optimized performance.

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