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at this weeks #edutech @bett_show #bett2019 @microsoftedu @microsofteduk is promoting #windows10 #o365 #Minecraft Education Edition for educational establishments #education #edutainment #learning

at this weeks #edutech @bett_show #bett2019 @microsoftedu @microsofteduk is promoting Minecraft Education Edition for educational establishments #education #edutainment #learning



Minecraft: Education Edition is available for purchase by schools, libraries, museums, and participants in nationally recognized homeschool organizations.

Minecraft Education Edition on SMN and BMN


lessons from this weeks @bett_show #bett2019 education technology show include teacher and pupil #bodycams, #robots and @microsoftedu #minecraft #stem #steam

its a bit 1984ish but having teachers and pupils / students wearing body cams throughout the schoolday might be a help or a legal minefield

if you are a startup looking at entering the educational robot market the message from this years show is thats its pretty saturated

stand winner has to be the microsoft edu minecraft themed stand with 3M high minecraft trees

other tech vendors included acer, benq, dell (with a dinosaur theme), epson, google, lenovo, smoothwall and spotify

if you missed it today its on until sat

the photos


the videos

credit cards for kids

credit cards for kids

also try

openSUSE-Edu Li-f-e 12.3


openSUSE Education team is proud to present openSUSE-Edu Li-f-e (Linux for Education) based on openSUSE 12.3. The image is a “hybrid” iso image, the same image can be used to burn a Live DVD or to create a Live USB stick.

This release includes carefully selected software for students, educators as well as parents. The software selection encompasses everything required to make computers productive for either home or educational use without having to install anything additional.


package list

openSUSE:Education-Li-f-e edutainment apps

some of the openSUSE:Education-Li-f-e pre-installed edutainment apps you might like are

  • gcompris

GCompris is an educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10. Some of the activities are game orientated, but nonetheless still educational.

Currently GCompris offers in excess of 80 activities and more are being developed. GCompris is free software, that means that you can adapt it to your own needs, improve it and, most importantly, share it with children everywhere.


as well as

  • geogebra
  • kalzium
  • kanagram
  • rasmol
  • stellarium

opensuse education li-f-e