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Edubuntu application bundles

Edubuntu 9.04 brings new application bundles that group educational software by grade level.

You can install from the Education category in the "Add/Remove…" entry in the Applications menu or installing the following packages using your favorite package manager:

  • ubuntu-edu-preschool – Preschool ( < 5 years old) educational application bundle
  • ubuntu-edu-primary – Primary ( ages 6-12) educational application bundle
  • ubuntu-edu-secondary – Secondary ( ages 13-18) educational application bundle
  • ubuntu-edu-tertiary – Tertiary ( university level ) educational application bundle

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Cross posting is easy on VOX but not NING !

Here's a good example why I don't blog on NING (apart from their comment wall spaming system). To blog a single story about about Ed/X/Ubuntu I'd have to login / logout to / from each and every one of these NING networks/groups separately then cut & paste the same story nine times to each of these NING networks/groups !

Sorry NING but I would like some spare time to a have a first life !

Whoever created VOX single/two click cross network/group posting is a genius ! It's only taken me twelve clicks to cross post this to six VOX networks/groups !

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Ubuntu Open Week on IRC Mon 22 Oct 07 – Sat 27 Oct 07

Ubuntu Open Week is taking place from Mon 22nd Oct – Sat 27th Oct on IRC in #ubuntu-classroom.

Ubuntu have organised a week long menu of IRC events that touch many different areas of the Ubuntu community.

Ubuntu Open Week is a series of online workshops where you can:

  • learn about the Ubuntu landscape

  • talk to some of the key developers from the Ubuntu project

  • find out about the Community and its relationship with Canonical

  • participate in an open Q&A with Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu

  • much more…


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EDIMAX WiFi cards : spot the difference !

Q: What's the difference between EDIMAX EW-7108PCG and a EDIMAX EW-7108PCG apart from the colour ?

A: The light red one works (on EdX/Ubuntu GNU/Linux) and the dark red one DOESN'T !

Another clue that I should have spotted is that the FCC ID numbers are different !


If your Ed/X/Ubuntu GNU/Linux PC hangs EVERYTIME you boot it you have probably put a "dark red"
card in by mistake !

And NEVER believe anyone that says a particular Wi-Fi card works under GNU/Linux I've also had the same experience with NETGEAR PCI Wi-Fi cards with the same part number where v2 works and v3 doesn't and a single BELKIN PCI Wi-Fi card that sometimes appear as two devices which I wouldn't mind if it were'nt that  neither worked !

A Wi-Fi card works ONLY if it works and has little to do with it's part number !

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Kalzium periodic table : an edutainment application

Kalzium is an application which will show you some information about the periodic system of the elements. Therefore you could use it as an information database.

Kalzium has already some nice features but there are still a lot of things to do. As Kalzium has been included in KDE 3.1 we are currently coding quite lot to bring in some new and nice features and make it as fast and usefull as possible. You can help us by testing it or make proposals for new features or a better design.

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SchoolTool (as included with Edubuntu)


SchoolTool is a project to develop a common global school administration infrastructure that is freely available under an Open Source license. 

SchoolTool encompasses three sub-projects:

  • SchoolTool Calendar and SchoolBell are calendar and resource management tools for schools available as part of the Edubuntu Linux distribution.
  • A SchoolTool student information system is being developed and tested in collaboration with schools in Lithuania and Belgium during the 2006 – 2007 school year
  • CanDo is a SchoolTool-based skills tracking program developed by Virginia students and teachers to track which skills students are acquiring in their classes and at what level of competency.



SchoolTool demo

Web Stats

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Ed/X/Ubuntu MultiMedia Applications

You are spoilt for choice (if you include free and non-free formats).

First there is a choice of Multimedia Players:

  • gstreamer
  • gxine
  • helix
  • mplayer
  • totum
  • xine
  • xmms

then there are the formats:

and finally codecs:

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