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Eclipse IDE 3.7 and MySql 5.0

To get Eclipse IDE 3.7 working with MySql 5.0 you’ll need

Data Tools Platform SQL Query Builder


Editor for building SQL queries SQL Query Builder enables you to create, edit, or run SQL statements using the SQL Query Builder graphical interface, which provides access to your database schema and objects so that you can quickly create or edit SQL statements without actually typing any SQL code.
Data Tools Platform Enablement for MySQL


DTP support for using the MySQL database The Enablement project is intended t…



$ tar zxvf mysql-connector-java-5.1.18.tar.gz

# cp \
~/mysql-connector-java-5.1.18/mysql-connector-java-5.1.18-bin.jar \


run eclipse

Atlassian Eclipse IDE 3.7 JIRA plugin

Atlassian Eclipse IDE 3.7 JIRA plugin

Optionally install the Eclipse IDE 3.7 Marketplace Client from

then goto

windoz lamp webdev quick start

APACHE & MYSQL & PHP environment

Sun Java EE & GlassFish Virtual Conference

Java EE 6 & GlassFish 3 Virtual Conference

Attend the Virtual Conference where Java EE 6 spec leads, GlassFish tech leads and developers will take you on a tour of the latest Java EE 6 Platform and GlassFish technology, including:

  • How Java EE 6 makes writing enterprise and Web applications easier with more annotations, POJOs, simplified packaging and less XML configuration with improvements to EJBs, JPA, JSF, and Servlets
  • GlassFish 3 features including: fast startup time, Update Center integration for easy access to additional features and updates, fine-grained monitoring, dynamic language features and more
  • Updated NetBeans and Eclipse Tooling that supports Java EE 6 to enable instant productivity

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Android Development with Eclipse (Pulsar)

Eclipse Demo Camp London

At last nights Eclipse Demo Camp London the European Director of Eclipse Foundation inc, Ralph Mueller, did a great presentation on why Eclipse is different to other open source projects such as Apache or MySql !

It turns out that Eclipse is actually an Ecosystem !

If you weren't there last night then you might like to go to Eclipse Demo Camp Hamburg next month !

See also

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Eclipse Europa 3.3.2 and PHP PDT 1.0.3

Eclipse Europa 3.3.2 and PHP PDT 1.0.3

Note to avoid any of the following install errors you must use the exact versions of Eclipse and PDT specified below:

  • PDT Feature (1.0.3.v20080603-79-7PE7QYGHNH6Gh) requires feature "org.eclipse.wst (2.0.0)", or compatible.
  • PDT Feature (1.0.5.v20081126-1856) requires feature "org.eclipse.wst (3.0.0)", or compatible.
  • Eclipse XML Editors and Tools (2.0.2.v200802150100-7A1ECMCnbcl1bVs9uNm_Zkieb7Qe) requires plug-in "org.eclipse.wst.validation (1.1.0)", or equivalent.

Obtain Eclipse & PDT

  1. Download and install Java SE 6
  2. Download Eclipse Europa 3.3.2 JEE Edition
  3. Unzip Eclipse and move to /opt/eclipse or another path with no spaces in it
  4. Download Zend PDT 1.0.3 zip file
  5. Unzip PDT 1.0.3 and move to a path with no spaces in it

Run Eclipse

  1. Help | Software Updates | Find & Install
  2. Search for New Features to Install
  3. Next
  4. New Local Site
  5. Enter name of PDT and path to unzipped PDT
  6. Check PDT
  7. Install PDT

Restart Eclipse

You can now use Eclipse to write PHP projects !

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Eclipse Europa IDE Packages