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Three 3 3G broadband USB dongle stick

The Three 3 3G broadband USB dongle stick (for £99 from CarPhoneWarehouse for 12GB or 12 months (whichever first)) is absolutely brill !

It only takes a couple of hours to set up and install its software update then you can surf almost anywhere in the UK on almost any 3G network !

It lights up in three colours green, blue & cyan (which means it's connected at the highest speed.

and SpeedTest.Net calculates a download speed of 333K from three's gateway hub (?) in Ireland !

It also doubles as a MicroSD card reader / stick !

Tech Info:

  • Model E160G
  • 3connect software supplied is 1.0.0 BL 36
  • 3connect software updates to 1.0.0 BL 53
  • 3 3G broadband tel no is *99***1#

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