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now both the @theguardian and @thewashingtonpost recommend using @torproject and @tailslinux #securedrop for #whistleblowers

now both the @theguardian and @thewashingtonpost recommend using @torproject and @tailslinux for all #whistleblowers

Google Apps Web, Email, Calendar & Docs hosting

Google Apps BETA provides free of charge Email & Web hosting for your domain.

For example if your domain was micromanage.co.uk Google Apps BETA could provide the following free of charge services:

Google Hosted Web Pages

Google Hosted Web Pages Configuration

Google Hosted Email / WebMail ( 25GB / user )

Google Chat
Users can sign in by downloading Google Talk

Google Calendar

Google Docs

You can even create Google App user accounts in bulk !

What would your internal IT dept charge to provide all these services ?

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Google Apps and Google Sites now includes Google App Engine

There are multiple editions of Google Apps and Google Sites to meet the needs of different organizations.

So whether you're a small business, a Fortune 500 company, a non-profit or a school, Google can power up your organization with the right services and support.

  • New! IMAP for Gmail
  • New! Google App Engine Development Platform Preview

To get a Control Panel with "Next Generation" features a little earlier than with the "Current Version" make sure you choose "English (US)" as the "Default language for users on your domain"
Learn more

And here's how to Add a Google App Engine to your Google App

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