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#brighton events directories and listings

brighton events directories and listings

yahoo is killing upcoming next month

forget goog killing its rss reader, the thunderbird rss reader always worked for me, yahoo is killing upcoming next month ! not a big surprise since yahoo haven’t cared about it for over a year and let it fill up with spam “events”

so its time to move all my events to goog+ events or is there a better alternative ?

ohloh free libre open source software “stacks” !

ohloh have just introduced a new concept of open source software "stacks" which are collections of your favorite free libre open software grouped into functional collections for example for "desktop", "server", "PBX" etc.

You should be able to see the stacks I've created FSSE (server), OSDE (desktop) , VOIP & VIZZ (virtualisation)
@ http://www.ohloh.net/accounts/3283/stacks ! or read more @ http://www.ohloh.net/wiki/stack_faq

What's in your favorite ohloh "stack" ?

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