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GDS Sprint 19

Government Digital Service (GDS) is leading the digital transformation of government:

Sprint 19

OpenRAW and RAW digital camera image formats

OpenRAW want "camera manufacturers to publicly document their RAW image formats — past, present, and future. The goal of OpenRAW is to encourage image preservation and give creative choice of how images are processed to the creators of the images. To this end, we advocate open documentation of information about the how the raw data is stored and the camera settings selected by the photographer."


There IS an ANSI C program that attempts to decode any raw image from any digital camera on any computer running any operating system.That program is called dcraw (pronounced "dee-see-raw"), and it's become a standard tool within and without the Open Source world. It's small (about 8000 lines), portable (standard C libraries only), free (both "gratis" and "libre"), and when used skillfully, produces better quality output than the tools provided by the camera vendor.

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