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various angular.js demos and tutorials

angular demos and tutorials

B&J & GE jump on AR bandwagon

Many thanks to Jane Quigley for blogging a link to these Ben & Jerry & General Electric augmented reality demos.

b&j ar video

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Now everyone can try an Amazon AWS EC2 JumpBox for an hour !

You dont need an Amazon AWS Account, a credit card or even need ElasticFox !

JumpBox will automatically start up an Amazon AMI for you on the cloud and shut it down one hour later !

Try an Amazon EC2 JumpBox with Zenoss for yourself for an hour @ http://www.jumpbox.com/app/zenoss

Just give them your email address your get three URLs:

Surely this is the future of all software demos for distros, software appliances, virtual machines, etc etc ?

JumpBox - Home_1228909867423JumpBox - Home_1228909867423Zenoss_1228910226419Zenoss_1228910195825

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SOA Sandbox logoThe IBM® SOA Sandbox lets you increase your SOA skills through practical, hands-on experience with the IBM SOA entry points. These SOA entry points — people, process, information, reuse, and connectivity — are based upon real customer experiences and provide a simple way to get started with SOA. The SOA Sandbox makes it easy to learn about these entry points by providing a low-risk "tinker, test, and try" learning environment that's designed for enterprise architects, integration developers, and Web developers, but available to everyone.

The IBM SOA Sandbox provides a mix of full-version software trials and "try online" hosted environments where you can explore tutorials and get architectural guidance. You'll also find online demos, best practice documentation, and quick-start guides, all integrated into a low-risk, hands-on format that provides practical applications of SOA entry points to accelerate learning.


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Geotagging and Google Maps API

Geotagging is adding geographical tags to items

Google Maps API


Google Maps API Mashup Examples

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