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film, movie & tv fun facts from tmdb

film, movie & tv fact fun with tmdb

for example brookside

brookside cast

and tmdb lets you see info about changes and contributors !

or try an APP that uses the tmdb API



Eclipse IDE 3.7 and MySql 5.0

To get Eclipse IDE 3.7 working with MySql 5.0 you’ll need

Data Tools Platform SQL Query Builder


Editor for building SQL queries SQL Query Builder enables you to create, edit, or run SQL statements using the SQL Query Builder graphical interface, which provides access to your database schema and objects so that you can quickly create or edit SQL statements without actually typing any SQL code.
Data Tools Platform Enablement for MySQL


DTP support for using the MySQL database The Enablement project is intended t…



$ tar zxvf mysql-connector-java-5.1.18.tar.gz

# cp \
~/mysql-connector-java-5.1.18/mysql-connector-java-5.1.18-bin.jar \


run eclipse

Drizzle the new database for clouds

Went to the PHP Conference today and attended a talk by David Axmark (co-creator of MySql) about Drizzle !

Drizzle is the new database for clouds :

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MySQL leads the way in “developer relations”


The Quality Contribution Program goal is to improve the quality of MySQL products, with the active co-operation of the MySQL user community.

The program facilitates this by
   1. visibly acknowledging the participants by attributing individual quality enhancements to them;
   2. rewarding the participants with benefits in proportion to their contribution (Awards are subscriptions to MySQL Enterprise);
   3. streamlining the process of contributing to MySQL Quality for the benefit of both current and future contributors

Quality Contributions fall into three categories: (i) bug reports, (ii) test cases, and (iii) code patches. We evaluate each contribution with a publicly verifiable set of rules, and the contributor accumulates the QA points for all contributions submitted during the last 12 months.

Start today @ http://dev.mysql.com/qualitycontribution.html

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Sun Java DB pure Java RDMS

[Sun Tech Day 2]

Sun Java DB is

  • Apache Derby
  • Bundled in JDK 6
  • 10.2.2
  • JDBC
  • SQL 92/99/2003
  • Used in 100 IBM projects
  • Used by GlassFish

Sun Java DB

  • Supported in NetBeans
  • Any hardware, any OS, any vendor
  • Common binary for all OS
  • Can run in same JVM as your application
  • Just one 2M JAR (600k download)
  • (Auto)Start and Stop from inside your app
  • Requires physical 16M and heap of 4M
  • DRDA v3 opengroup.org compliant

Sun Java DB has

  • Transactions
  • Triggers can send email
  • Procedures SQL standard part 13
  • Caching
  • Backup
  • Encryption
  • LDAP
  • Grant/Revoke


  • FileSystem
  • JAR (Readonly)
  • Memory (alpha)


  • IJ – works with any JDBC db

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