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Why Gnome chose Subversion SCM ?

Subversion is an SCM designed to be an easy replacement for CVS, while addressing some of its shortcomings.

Here are some reasons why Gnome chose Subversion as a replacement for CVS after nearly 10 years:

  • Directories, renames, and file meta-data are versioned
  • Commits are truly atomic
  • Branching and tagging are cheap (constant time) operations
  • Natively client/server, layered library design
  • Client/server protocol sends diffs in both directions
  • Costs are proportional to change size, not data size
  • Versioning of symbolic links
  • Efficient handling of binary files
  • Parseable output
  • Localized messages

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CVS is out, Subversion is in


In case no one happened to tell, you, CVS is dead. Bereft of life, it rests in peace. Oh, sure, people still use it, and it is still included in most Linux distributions, including Fedora™ Core, but it is quite dead. It died after a long, drawn-out sickness after years of neglect. Sadly, it died of the incurable disease 'broken architecture.' Nothing could be done besides making its final days (well, years) as comfortable as possible. But now, finally, gone it is, and its replacement is a much younger, much healthier, much better architected, and much more capable version control system—Subversion.

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