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getting customer support via twitter for corporates such as @bp @coop @mbplc @microsoftuk

getting customer support via twitter can be effective especially for large faceless corporates such as BP, COOP, MBPLC (Harvester & Toby) and MS

so next time youve been double charged for a meal deal or been overcharged for parking in your local pub carpark or have a windows 10 bug dont get angry try tweeting first

my latest experience was with MS who did respond to me which was nice but asked me to resubmit my bug on a separate system

We appreciate valuable observations such as this, which is why we highly encourage that you submit a feedback through our Feedback Hub app. This way, you can help improve Windows 10 functionality and other services in future updates. You can visit this article to know how: http://msft.social/lpc7WS

By the way, every feedback counts and is important to us.

For future support reference, you may also check out our Customer Support YouTube channel on this link: http://msft.social/R2kf3BROKEN

Thank you very much and have a great day!

Hope you have success with your future tweet complaints

post office broadband @pobroadband customer service falls short #fail

post office broadband (postoffice.co.uk) customer service falls short #fail

their website is down (they blame @btopenreach)



their 404 page doesnt even mention the pobroadband helpline number which is 034 5600 3210 (in case you want to cancel your account too)

their customer service systems are down (they blame @btopenreach) so they cant cancel your account until monday “can you please phone us back on monday”

they have a severe short term memory loss problems

48hrs ago they sent a letter saying there were no cancellation fees(due to price increases)

they just said you have to pay 2 months rental if you cancel !



yandex shows us how ALL customer service should be done – by giving a 2000% upgrade #howitshouldbedone

yandex disk shows us how ALL customer service should be done – by giving a 2000% refund / upgrade

An email received from Yandex Customer Support last year :

You have received this message because you use our program,
Yandex.Disk for Windows, and have recently updated it.

Unfortunately, an error was made in one of the latest versions that may,
in rare cases, lead to the crash of your computer’s operating system.

For this reason, we ask you to make sure that you have installed a stable version
of the program on your computer: versions 1.1.8 and later.

We apologize if the program has caused you any problems. It is very important for us
that we keep your trust. That’s why we have completely reviewed the process of
developing and testing our projects in order to avoid such errors in the future.

In order to make up for this error, we have increased the space available to you on
Yandex.Disk by 200 GB.

Stay with us.

so @getsatisfaction the #smn #bmn for improving #cs has just been bought by @spinklr

so @getsatisfaction the #smn #bmn for improving customer service has just been bought by @spinklr


old|existing getsatisfaction|sprinklr customers

pixelpipe support

pixelpipe (bmn & smn uploader for androids and firefox) support is available on getsatisfaction if you are having problems with pixelpipe such as it losing tags when uploading to vox.

you can also find some great tips on routing tags at

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Maybe I should record my calls for QA purposes ?

Yesterday I phoned one of my broadband suppliers and they said they were "sorry" for the 24 hr outage but that I couldn't cancel my contract until December but would I like a "free" Wi-Fi modem router worth £40 ?

(Stupidly) I slept on the deal and phoned them back today only to told they "never" gave away Wi-Fi routers but they could offer me 25p compensation and that I could "cancel" my account at any time !

I'll be recording my calls for QA purposes from now on ! So make sure you listen for that beep !

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