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android floss open source apps directory and appstore from f-droid


  • audalyser
  • barcode scanner
  • connectbot
  • diskusage
  • ghost commander
  • gvSIG mini maps
  • hacker’s 5-line keyboard
  • network discovery
  • opensatnav
  • osmdroid
  • tiltmazes
  • tomdroid

tiltmazes android app f-droidosmdroid android app f-droidandroid app f-droiddiskusage android app f-droidconnectbot android app featuring hackers keyboardaudalyzer android app f-droid

ghost commander android app f-droid

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nokia sports tracker reborn as android my tracks

nokia sports tracker (recently bought out by endomondo) seems to have been reborn as the open source goog android my tracks with the exception of track thumbnails which currently do not represent the actual track on the google android version

as well as uploading your GPS maps and tracks to goo maps it can also export them in CSV, KML and GPX formats

highlights from last months goog earth blog

highlights from last months goog earth blog from around the world






3d model of windsor castle

ClamAV for Windoz

A new competitor to ClamWIn has arrived its called ClamAV for Windoz !

ClamAV for Windows 2.0 is produced by Immunet Corporation and Sourcefire, Inc.. It is designed to provide the ClamAV community with a Windows Anti-Virus (AV) solution incorporating all the standard desktop AV features one would expect from any commercial package. This includes; On Access scanning, On Demand scanning, Quarantine, and Removal. Additionally, it includes an innovative Cloud-Based protection engine, Community based protection, and companion mode protection features.

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Howto create FREE✉ presentations using FREE✉ resources

✉ = free libre open source AND BMN & SMN crowd power AND creative commons attribution sharealike resources

What you'll need / to understand !

Core Concepts

  • FLOS
  • Creative Commons (esp Attribution Sharealike)
  • BMNs and SMNs
  • Crowd Power



Creative Commons Links

Flickr Links


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Trapster – todays android cloud crowd app find

Another day and another android cloud crowd app discovery !

Today's find was Trapster – the android cloud crowd powered directory map of speed cameras and traffic cameras.


You can even choose Bill Clinton style voice alerts !

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Crowd Powered GSM, 3G & Wi-Fi coverage maps

Sensorly have written an Android Cloud App callled Map Viewer that is helping to create a crowd powered CDMA + GSM + EDGE + 3G + WiFi coverage map of the world !

Here are some of my favorite snapshots from the Sensorly Android Map Viewer:

sensorly mapview android cloud app sensorly mapview android cloud app sensorly mapview android cloud app sensorly mapview android cloud app

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