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product comparison of the day @BOSE OnEar v @BOSE OverEar #bluetooth headphones

product comparison of the day @BOSE OnEar v @BOSE OverEar #bluetooth headphones

  • BOSE OnEar – £170 minus £10 AMAZON discount
  • BOSE OverEar – £200 minus £80 AMAZON discount (so cheaper but better ?)

PS the colour choice “triple black” means you dont get “blue” speaker covers



good #android v bad #android #andvios #ios #comparison #review

good android v bad android and getting over withdrawal symptoms of moving off ios

android compared to ios is a mess (but its cheaper and open)

  • multiple browsers (even out of the box)
  • multiple mail apps (even out of the box)
  • dozens of filemanager apps
  • dozens of memory cleaner apps
  • dozens of memory options (internal, sd, usb otg)

almost every android (even nexus editions) have different

  • power and volume buttons
  • menu buttons (sometimes soft sometimes hard sometimes invisible)
  • preinstalled vendor apps
  • preinstalled 3rd party apps (sometimes even amazon and fbook)

some good android (mobiles and tablets) manufacturers include

and some bad android manufacturers include

  • alcatel (low spec hardware)
  • samsung (over customised ui)
  • sony (preinstalled 3rd party apps)


cpu comparisons from @cpuboss, @cpu-world and @specout

cpu comparisons from @cpuboss, @cpu-world and @specout


if you are switching electricity and gas energy suppliers watch out for white label rebranding

uk energy supplier switching sites

but BEWARE of rebranding for example sainsburys energy is actually british gas energy

#windoz10 windows 10 home, pro, k and kn versions compared

windows 10 home, pro, k and kn compared


  • home = base level windows
  • pro = home + domains + remote desktop + hyper v + etc
  • KN, N = home or pro BUT without media and video apps and without skype

“N” and “KN” editions of Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro are also available and include the same functionality as the standard editions, except that they do not include certain media related technologies (Windows Media Player, Camera, Music, Films & TV) and does not include the Skype app.

What is the difference between VOX and VIRB ?

VIRB is a place that lets you put all of the things that make you you – photos, videos, blogs – in one place. More specifically, VIRB is a vision of a social community – done right. A website that combines you, your interests, your friends and the things you like with music, art, fashion, film and more. Stay connected with your friends. Find new music. View and upload good videos, photos and more.

Isn't this the almost same as VOX ? If not maybe I need to sign up to VIRB as well ? Can you tell the difference ?

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Goodbye Flock 1.1 (again !)

I've been giving you (flock 1.1) a chance every six months for the last few years and this latest time you did last a record 24 hours BUT although you work fine on my work Dual Core 2G work desktop my notebook at home is a lowly Pentium 1G which hates running continuously at between 88% – 99% CPU so its back to trusty old firefox i'm afraid.

I might take another look in another six months time ? (When you @ 1.4 ?)

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Cross posting is easy on VOX but not NING !

Here's a good example why I don't blog on NING (apart from their comment wall spaming system). To blog a single story about about Ed/X/Ubuntu I'd have to login / logout to / from each and every one of these NING networks/groups separately then cut & paste the same story nine times to each of these NING networks/groups !

Sorry NING but I would like some spare time to a have a first life !

Whoever created VOX single/two click cross network/group posting is a genius ! It's only taken me twelve clicks to cross post this to six VOX networks/groups !

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visual difference utilitys

I use the GNU diff utilities all the time but thanks to ohloh i've just discovered there are also plenty of graphical / visual comparison / difference tools & utilitys such as

and the very exciting sounding

Which diff tool / utility do you use the most ?

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