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FONs for €/$20

This month a Fonero can refer three friends to get a FON for €/$ 20

There are three kinds of Fonero:

  • Aliens are people who don’t share their WiFi yet and are charged €/$ 3 for a Day Pass to access the FON Community.
  • Bills are Foneros who, instead of free roaming, get to make money from their FON Access Point.
  • Linuses share their WiFi at home and in return get free WiFi wherever they find a FON Access Point.

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Worldwide Wi-Fi shared network communities !

My FON (€30) has just arrived can't wait to plug it in and get access to worldwide FREE worldwide WiFi and add myself to the FON map. If you'd prefer a UK only Wi-Fi mesh why not join SussexNetShare instead !

Don't be an Alien become a Fonero today !


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