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deviant art move

i’m in the process of moving my┬ádeviant art from


and on an unrelated topic deviant art have just reduced their watch limit to 5000 watchs

Semapedia mobile phone readable 2D barcode tags

Semapedia's goal is to let everyone collaboratively physically hyperlink their world, thus sharing knowledge and making it accessible to others in a helpful and meaningful way.

Semapedia believe in bringing knowledge to places and things that matter to others is a great way to help others understand our beautiful and complex world.

Semapedia invite you to create and distribute Semapedia-Tags which are in fact cellphone-readable physical hyperlinks to the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia (or any of Wikipedias' sisterprojects such as Wikibooks, WikinewsWikinews )


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Series 60 Software for Bluetooth GPS’s

If you have a Series 60 mobile phone with GPS or bluetooth GPS such as a NOKIA 6220 you can help OpenStreetMap by uploading GPX tracks. First you need to upload some Series 60 GPS tracking software to your mobile then you can start posting your tracks to OpenStreetMap.

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FON Raises $9.5 Million and renames Wi-Fi hotspots FON_FREE_INTERNET

FON Raises $9.5 Million and renames hotspots from FON_AP to FON_FREE_INTERNET

However there seems to be a LOT of debate about the new FON_FREE_INTERNET name as its only free for reading your GoogleMail or for 15 minutes of "internet" time !

Read more @ :

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Will Mahalo become the next Google ?

Mahalo is a dynamic Web 3.0 search engine which is a search community created by and for "Social Media Network" and "Business Media Network"s members.

You can start today by installing and using the Mahalo Firefox AddOn which you can even configure it to dual / triple / quad post to del.icio.us (and many other social bookmarking sites) at the same time for full future-proofing your efforts !

For example I've made my start @ :

PS Its currently in BETA and they could probably use some work on handling of singulars and plurals !

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How does BT Openzone relate to BT FON?

BT Total Broadband customers who are members of BT FON can use their Wi-Fi minutes to access BT Openzone hotspots as well as BT FON hotspots.

Do I have to be a BT Total Broadband customer to join BT FON?

If you are not a BT Total Broadband customer, you can access the BT FON network by buying a BT Openzone voucher at www.btopenzone.com/buy

Can BT FONero's use BT FON abroad?

Yes you can connect to broadband at any FON hotspot around the world – anywhere that you see the "FON" Wi-Fi signal. Go to www.bt.com/btfon to see hotspot maps of the world.

But why is this a one way deal and why can't normal FON users use the BT FON & BT OpenZone networks ?

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VMware goes Business Media Networking

VMware have created a blog based Business Media Network for its customers to use and share information with each other !


You can find a complete list @


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Open Architecture

Open Architecture Network

Architects, designers, engineers and anyone else involved in the building trades is welcome to share their ideas on the network – but the network is not just for professionals. Community leaders, nonprofit groups, volunteer organizations, government agencies, technology partners, healthcare workers, educators and others are also invited to collaborate on projects and share their expertise. After all if we're to meaningfully address the challenges of building a sustainable future, we'll need (a lot of) help from people of all walks of life.

Far from replacing the traditional architect, the goal of the Open Architecture Network is to allow designers to work together in a whole new way, a way that enables 5 billion potential clients to access their skills and expertise.

The Open Architecture Network has a simple mission: to generate not one idea but the hundreds of thousands of design ideas needed to improve living conditions for all.

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