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drupal drush and drupal features

drupal drush and drupal features

Alfresco 4.x and Crafter Rivet 2.x

Crafter Rivet provides enterprises with an open source application for building and managing the Web content and dynamic experience for all types of content-rich applications, including next-generation enterprise websites, mobile applications, intranets, social community platforms, and more. Crafter Rivet 2 provides both an authoring and publishing application (Crafter Studio), and a high-performance content delivery system (Crafter Engine) on top of the Alfresco 4 CMS.

SilverStripe Open Source CMS

Concourse Suite CRM + CMS + Collaboration

ConcourseSuite 5.0 is the first front office application suite to integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM), web content management and team collaboration capabilities into a single, easy to user web application.

An open source Java-based application with a standards-based plug-in architecture, ConcourseSuite 5.0 can scale to the largest enterprise, yet delivers the ease of use and low cost required by small and medium-sized businesses.

With a FREE of charge 100 user online edition and an open source community what more could you want ?

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Drupal Open Source CMS

Why Open Source ?



The open source software movement is probably the single most significant development to the software industry ever. Open source software is free. "Freely distributed", "Freely accessible" and "Freely modifiable" – and it is this freedom that makes it so valuable.

The lure of open source software is that it is free—anyone can use it or modify it without license fees, and no vendor can lock users in for fixes and enhancements.

Australian Government (AGIMO)
A review of the implementation showed that it met each of the business objectives specified for the project. Additional functionality was subsequently incorporated into the product by AGIMO, Squiz.net and other Matrix users. This has increased the capabilities of the product and is expected to lead to reduced cost and development times for future functionality, as more and more code is available for re-use.

Oxford University
Aside from being easy to implement, MySource Matrix also proved to be the most cost-effective site publishing solution for Oxford’s library network.  Because the CMS is open source, it’s free to use and own, meaning that OULS  & SERS have been able to control its development and support spend in a far more effective way than would be possible with alternative commercial systems.

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Open Source Intranet CMS’s

I've been looking for an Open Source Intranet CMS (which must support creation and administration of an internal company directory) and have created the following shortlist:

If you have any other suggestions or can personally recommend one of the above please let us know – obviously there wont be any sites we can look at because they'll be other companies internal corporate intranets !

I've just found a few more (via ohloh.net)

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Seagull CVM PHP framework

Mambo now eats CakePHP.

On Saturday, we were pleasantly surprised to receive an email from the Chad Auld, project lead of Mambo, informing us that CakePHP will form the core for version 5 of the popular Mambo CMS. As you can read from their announcement[1] there are several reasons Mambo chose CakePHP, not the least of which were the clean separation, sensible conventions, and ability to write more maintainable and extensible code. We were happy to greet the Mambo team in IRC and we setup a communication channel to answer any questions they may have as they make the move to CakePHP.

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