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you know youre getting old when your kids start teaching YOU #goog #chromium #eastereggs

you know youre getting old when your kids start teaching YOU #goog chrome #eastereggs

  1. run chrome/chromium
  2. disconnect from network
  3. you should see a screen with a dinosaur
  5. ENJOY playing the goog chrome sonic game until the network comes back up

goog chrome easteregg

goog chrome easteregg


#google #io #android flickr photo groups

please feel free to post your photos and screenshots from #google #io #android to the appropriate flickr photo groups


chromium os


suse education li-f-e and google chromium

suse education li-f-e 12.2 default chromium install seems to have problems because while suse education li-f-e uses KDE the installer installs chromium-desktop-gnome instead of chromium-desktop-kde and the gnome key manager starts using 100% cpu

solution rerun yast2 and uninstall chromium-desktop-gnome and install chromium-desktop-kde

google chromium extensions of the week

google screen capture

google image search 

lorem ipsum generator

when is a browser not a browser ?

when its google chorme !

not only is google chrome the gui for an os (google chromium) google chrome “browser” also acts as a print server and you will need the google chrome “browser” installed but not necessarily open on a windoz pc if you want to print to a non eprint printer from a google chrome book !

google chrome books sends non eprint jobs to the google chrome browser/server running on your windoz pc so you’ll also need to leave your pc turned on and logged in if you want to be able to print from your chromebook !


google chrome brower addons

google chrome brower addons and extensions

easy funraising find and remind




and you can check the popularity of all addons extensions at