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CC-BY-SA background music for your videos

Background music for videos recommended by flickr


If you are interested in adding a soundtrack to your video, there’s lots of great music available through Creative Commons that won’t get you in trouble for copyright infringement.
 If you do use background music, per CC licensing requirements available on Flickr, you’ll need to attribute the music you use by mentioning and linking to the artist, or the CC page you found it on.

Here are some online resources you might like to try:

Howto create FREE✉ presentations using FREE✉ resources

✉ = free libre open source AND BMN & SMN crowd power AND creative commons attribution sharealike resources

What you'll need / to understand !

Core Concepts

  • FLOS
  • Creative Commons (esp Attribution Sharealike)
  • BMNs and SMNs
  • Crowd Power



Creative Commons Links

Flickr Links


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dopplr, flickr, geotagging & openstreetmap

What's the connection between dopplr, flickr, geotagging & openstreetmap ?

Watch the video:

Listen to the podcast:

Read these media articles:

See how yahoo flickr seamlessly merges its maps with OpenStreetMap maps :

Finally why not join the Change !

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Ubuntu wiki is now under a CC-by-SA licence


Choice of License

  • It was originally planned to put material on the wiki into the public domain. However, after extremely wide consultation with the community on this issue, many users objected that they would be unhappy with material contributed by them being used in non-free derivative works. As a result it seems clear that a free sharealike license should be used.

  • The [WWW] CC-By-SA license is a good choice, for many reasons:

    • It is used by the system documentation,

    • It is used by the Ubuntu forums,

    • It is used by the Official Ubuntu Book,

    • It is a popular and well known license.

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Flickr Creative Commons Search

Flickr advanced search http://flickr.com/search/advanced/

has three check boxes

  • Only search within Creative Commons licensed photos
  •      Find content to use commercially
  •      Find content to modify, adapt, or build upon

that generate 4 CC search variations

the later one is equivalent to CC-BY-SA

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maximum exposure for your flickr photos !

You can increase the visibility of your flickr photos by editing your flickr publicy, privacy & permissions

For maximum exposure (ha ha) i recommend

Global settings

  • Who can download your photos      Anyone
  • Who can print your photos              Any Flickr member    
  • Who can blog your photos               Any Flickr member    
  • Hide your photos' EXIF data            No

Defaults for new uploads
Who will be able to see, comment on, and annotate your photos    

  • See:                                                Anyone
  • Comment on:                                 Any Flickr user
  • Add notes and tags:                       Your contacts (or Anyone ?)

Defaults for new uploads

  • What license will your photos have        Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons AttributionShare Alike
  • Who will be able to see where your photos were taken       Anyone
  • Import EXIF location data                                                    Yes
  • Auto-rotate your photos                                                     Yes

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