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yahoo is killing upcoming next month

forget goog killing its rss reader, the thunderbird rss reader always worked for me, yahoo is killing upcoming next month ! not a big surprise since yahoo haven’t cared about it for over a year and let it fill up with spam “events”

so its time to move all my events to goog+ events or is there a better alternative ?

Assorted Google Calendars

Here are some assorted FLOSS & other Google calendars you may like !

  •      (Calendar ID: g72pef2iiuu28hmedcnce5h0u4@group.calendar.google.com)
  •      (Calendar ID: qpna5ns68f7mg0i4i3144meacg@group.calendar.google.com)
  •      (Calendar ID: enhf7e3cad3afc2iir8qq2u0ds@group.calendar.google.com)
  •      (Calendar ID: d1n27q6hsq56vcelnpvtom1tuk@group.calendar.google.com)
  •      (Calendar ID: kd5uv1ef5i412067uogofc6gcg@group.calendar.google.com)
  •      (Calendar ID: jsvshg562v20fl6qb6t830m17g@group.calendar.google.com)
  •      (Calendar ID: hfd4kb8t2459itpoleuahunaas@group.calendar.google.com)

Is there an better/easier way of sharing 'your' Google cal favs to others ?

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Google Apps Web, Email, Calendar & Docs hosting

Google Apps BETA provides free of charge Email & Web hosting for your domain.

For example if your domain was micromanage.co.uk Google Apps BETA could provide the following free of charge services:

Google Hosted Web Pages

Google Hosted Web Pages Configuration

Google Hosted Email / WebMail ( 25GB / user )

Google Chat
Users can sign in by downloading Google Talk

Google Calendar

Google Docs

You can even create Google App user accounts in bulk !

What would your internal IT dept charge to provide all these services ?

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Zimbra Desktop email and calendar client

Zimbra Desktop beta is an open source next generation email and calendar application. It’s like other email clients but it incorporates the latest features and experiences popular on the web to create a totally new and more powerful tool.

Zimbra Desktop supports:

  • POP & IMAP
  • Google Mail &Yahoo Mail Plus
  • Large mailboxes (>2G)
  • Calendar
  • Web Mashups !

See also:

Run Zimbra webmail locally:


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Google Apps and Google Sites now includes Google App Engine

There are multiple editions of Google Apps and Google Sites to meet the needs of different organizations.

So whether you're a small business, a Fortune 500 company, a non-profit or a school, Google can power up your organization with the right services and support.

  • New! IMAP for Gmail
  • New! Google App Engine Development Platform Preview

To get a Control Panel with "Next Generation" features a little earlier than with the "Current Version" make sure you choose "English (US)" as the "Default language for users on your domain"
Learn more

And here's how to Add a Google App Engine to your Google App

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The Online Staff Holiday Planner

The Online Staff Holiday Planner

Having visited hundreds of companies, only to find HR, Administrators, company owners, and managers ALL, wrestling with the same age-old problem of who can take holiday when and, in the main, asking themselves Who’s Off? … we felt it was time to deliver a FREE and simple to use service online.

WhosOff.com makes easy work of staff holiday planning applying restrictions between staff where applicable, application followed by approval by manager and a transparent view to all those involved within the organisation online anywhere.

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SchoolTool (as included with Edubuntu)


SchoolTool is a project to develop a common global school administration infrastructure that is freely available under an Open Source license. 

SchoolTool encompasses three sub-projects:

  • SchoolTool Calendar and SchoolBell are calendar and resource management tools for schools available as part of the Edubuntu Linux distribution.
  • A SchoolTool student information system is being developed and tested in collaboration with schools in Lithuania and Belgium during the 2006 – 2007 school year
  • CanDo is a SchoolTool-based skills tracking program developed by Virginia students and teachers to track which skills students are acquiring in their classes and at what level of competency.



SchoolTool demo

Web Stats

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Google Calendar SMS alerts