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three free BMNs & SMNs on three

From next month three mobile (3 mobile) will be adding free 3G data access to a third BMN & SMN network !

  • 3 3G free twitter data traffic


  • 3 3G free skype voip traffic
  • 3 3G windoz live messenger traffic

great news for all UK based BMN & SMN addicts !

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android pixelpipe revisited

If you ever want to upload a photo or video to dozens of BMNs and SMNs with a single click try pixelpipe on your android, iphone or symbian mobile! pixelpipe now supports dozens of BMNs and SMNs including flickr, photobox, photobucket and VOX !

I'm currently only uploading to eight separate BMNs and SMNs but plan to add more soon !

pixelpipe will also save me a small fortune in mobile upload data costs since some UK 3G mobile networks charge between £1/M – £6/M (esp when roaming in europe).

So uploading 10 x 1M photos will only cost me £10 instead of £80, £160 or even £320 if i were on 32 photo BMNs and SMNs !

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Will Mahalo become the next Google ?

Mahalo is a dynamic Web 3.0 search engine which is a search community created by and for "Social Media Network" and "Business Media Network"s members.

You can start today by installing and using the Mahalo Firefox AddOn which you can even configure it to dual / triple / quad post to del.icio.us (and many other social bookmarking sites) at the same time for full future-proofing your efforts !

For example I've made my start @ :

PS Its currently in BETA and they could probably use some work on handling of singulars and plurals !

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VMware goes Business Media Networking

VMware have created a blog based Business Media Network for its customers to use and share information with each other !


You can find a complete list @


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