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unboxing @moo #nfc #businesscards

unboxing @moo #nfc #businesscards


and NFC works fine on a nexus 7 tablet



NFC Business Cards now available from @moo #cool #nfc #businesscards #minicards #stickers

NFC Business Cards now available from @moo #cool #nfc #businesscards #minicards #stickers

NFC Business Cards+, Matte, 400 gsm | Embedded NFC chip*, Features: Programmable NFC chip will trigger digital actions when tapped to a compatible iPhone (iOS11 required) or Android device

and with a MOO NFC Business card you can update your nfc contact details even when its in your customers pocket

you can change the Actions on your cards at any time, and as many times as you like. You can also see how many taps your cards receive, and learn how many people are interacting with your information in real time

more cool MOO stuff

Moo Business Cards just arrived

I chose the "green" ones ! and even dug up some "nature" photos to put on them ! The difference in box size is deceptive since Business cards are packed horizontally as opposed to the vertical packing of MiniCards !

"moo business cards"
"moo business cards"
moo business cards

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