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BT HomeHub 5 broadband router now transmits a BTWifi-X signal

Apparently the BT HomeHub 5 broadband router now transmits an additional BTWifi-X signal so that the BT iOS 6 wifi app can connect more easily via 802.1x authentication !

howto use a bt home hub with a sky hub or virginmedia hub

you can use a bt home hub 4 or 5 with a sky hub or virginmedia hub to extend your broadband wifi network coverage and or add 5G to a 2.4G only network

step 1

  • login to your sky hub or virginmedia hub
  • look at your dhcp range
  • choose a number after or at end of range (such as

step 2

  • login to your bt home hub @
  • goto advanced settings home network
  • change “Hub IP Gateway Address” to ip address chosen above (ie
  • change “DHCP Server” to disabled
  • click apply
  • ignore warnings
  • click apply

step 3

  • connect an ethernet cable from sky or virgin router to a yellow socket (NOT the WAN socket) on bt home hub

step 4

  • connect to sky or virginmedia wifi network
  • browse to ip address chosen above (ie
  • login to bt home hub and change 2.4G and 5G frequencys names and passwords as desired (name and password can even be set to same as your existing sky or virginmedia network provided you choose a different frequency)

step 5

  • enjoy extended 2.4G and additional 5G coverage around your home

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GBBO want to create 100,000 SMB & SME sites in 2010

GBBO is a joint initiative by Google, Enterprise UK, BT, e-skills UK and many other partners to help small businesses create their first website and help them understand the opportunities offered by the Internet. We've set a target of helping 100,000 UK organisations get their first website easily and for free by the end of 2010.

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BT Tradespace Business Media Network

BT Tradespace is a Business Media Network online community incorporating a business directory and marketplace. On this site you can buy and sell products and services, find a business and network with other like-minded individuals.Launched in April 2007, BT Tradespace is a platform that brings businesses and individuals together making it easy for them do business online. Unlike a conventional business directory, BT Tradespace members can use social media tools such as blogs, photos, videos and podcasts to promote their products and services. For prospective customers, it provides the opportunity to get to know a business before buying from them.

They already claim to have 80,000+ members and 1000+ communities !

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How does BT Openzone relate to BT FON?

BT Total Broadband customers who are members of BT FON can use their Wi-Fi minutes to access BT Openzone hotspots as well as BT FON hotspots.

Do I have to be a BT Total Broadband customer to join BT FON?

If you are not a BT Total Broadband customer, you can access the BT FON network by buying a BT Openzone voucher at www.btopenzone.com/buy

Can BT FONero's use BT FON abroad?

Yes you can connect to broadband at any FON hotspot around the world – anywhere that you see the "FON" Wi-Fi signal. Go to www.bt.com/btfon to see hotspot maps of the world.

But why is this a one way deal and why can't normal FON users use the BT FON & BT OpenZone networks ?

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BT FON Wi-Fi now lets you roam for free and make money at home !

Previously you had to chose between free worldwide wi-fi roaming or making money but NOW you can do BOTH !

Roam for free and make money with your WiFi !

Make money

Foneros can now both connect for free and make a little money by participating in the FON Community. It’s easy. Every time a visitor (non-Fonero) detects your WiFi signal there’s a good chance you can make a bit of “dinero”.


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