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if you want to keep using npapi browser plugins you might like to try the pale moon browser

if you want to keep using npapi browser plugins you might like to try the pale moon browser

mozilla firefox (and the other browsers) are discontinuing support for npapi plugins

oracle recommend java applets users try  Java Web Start or Pale Moon

JWS apps don’t rely on a browser plugin, in many cases they can provide a migration path from Java Applets.

the pale moon browser roadmap says they will always support npapi

Pale Moon supports NPAPI plug-ins. Unlike Firefox, we will not be deprecating or removing support for these kinds of plug-ins. This means that you will be able to continue using your media, authentication, and other plug-ins in Pale Moon like Flash, Silverlight, bank-authenticators or networking plug-ins for specific purposes.


you can change #windows 10 ms #edge #browser download location just by using file explorer

you can’t change windows 10 ms edge browser download location inside edge itself but you can by just by using file explorer (and you DO NOT need to run regedit !)

#oracle #gnu/#linux 6 alternative #xfce #webkit #browser

if you are fed up with firefox 17 crashing on your oracle linux 6 xfce desktop and since google have broken chromium on centos 6 and red hat 6 you might like to try the midori webkit based browser instead

google chromium extensions of the week

google screen capture

google image search 

lorem ipsum generator

when is a browser not a browser ?

when its google chorme !

not only is google chrome the gui for an os (google chromium) google chrome “browser” also acts as a print server and you will need the google chrome “browser” installed but not necessarily open on a windoz pc if you want to print to a non eprint printer from a google chrome book !

google chrome books sends non eprint jobs to the google chrome browser/server running on your windoz pc so you’ll also need to leave your pc turned on and logged in if you want to be able to print from your chromebook !