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a browser built by ex mozilla and ex javascript creators

a browser built by ex mozilla and ex javascript creators

built by a team of privacy focused, performance oriented pioneers of the web, including the inventor of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla

alternative desktop browsers

apart from mozilla firefox internet browser you might like to try

watchout for debian/buntu package names variations

# aptitude install epiphany DOES NOT WORK
# aptitude install epiphany-browser DOES WORK
# aptitude install chromium (WORKS/ DOESNT WORK DEPENDS ON DISTRO)
# aptitude install chromium-browser (DEPENDS ON DISTRO)

goog chrome web #browser sync setup

goog chrome sync

its worth checking how much data goog chrome sync is saving about you !

Form data you sent using Chrome; for example, emails or addresses. Credit cards and addresses synced via Google Payments are not counted here.

Website addresses that you entered in the address bar. Other synced browsing history isn’t counted here, but can be viewed in Chrome on the history page.

Pages that you bookmarked in Chrome.

Passwords that you asked Chrome or Smart Lock for Passwords to save, and a list of sites you told us never to save. Passwords are always encrypted.

Open tabs
Tabs that are currently open in Chrome on one of your devices.

mozilla #firefox screenshots cloud storage

mozilla #firefox screenshots cloud storage

actual screenshots