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adios @delicious aloha @wakelet #smn #bmn #bookmarking #curating

adios @delicious aloha @wakelet #smn #bmn #bookmarking #curating

Will Mahalo become the next Google ?

Mahalo is a dynamic Web 3.0 search engine which is a search community created by and for "Social Media Network" and "Business Media Network"s members.

You can start today by installing and using the Mahalo Firefox AddOn which you can even configure it to dual / triple / quad post to del.icio.us (and many other social bookmarking sites) at the same time for full future-proofing your efforts !

For example I've made my start @ :

PS Its currently in BETA and they could probably use some work on handling of singulars and plurals !

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Mahalo Share 1.3.11

Mahalo Share 1.3.11

by Mahalo

Easily share and recommend links across 12 different bookmarking and blogging services !

I've just started @ http://www.mahalo.com/member/Osde8info

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del.icio.us 2.0


The Delicious service (no longer “del.icio.us” and now residing at delicious.com) boasts 3 million registered users and 100 million unique URLs bookmarked.

If you are invited, all of your existing bookmarks are imported to the preview, although any changes you make will be lost when the new service launches – so it’s just for trying out and giving feedback. Del.icio.us is saying that there is no guarantee that the final product will look exactly like the preview, since they are taking user feedback very seriously.

The preview shows a substantially different interface than the current Del.icio.us site, and a number of new features.

Founder Joshua Schachter says this is a complete code-rewrite of Del.icio.us.


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del.icio.us “filetype tags” and flickr “machine tags”

del.icio.us now let you "filetype" your tags del.icio.us filetype tags as well as make your audio links playable
flickr now let you "geotag" your tags flickr machine tags (see also geobloggers)

tagging the tags !

will the semantics never end ?

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