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welcome to @lphabetise® #smn #bmn #smnm #bmnm born from a worldwide shortage of 3-6 character @twitter handles and #domain names

welcome to ®     born from a worldwide shortage of 3-6 character  handles and  names

its 2am and just woke up with a great idea why not create a web presence based off some word beginning with A and ending with R so i can use @myword® as a brandname

for example lets try @ffai®.com, @rmou®.com or even @utho®.com

but the concept quickly falls apart since there seem to be no 3, 4,  5 or 6 character twitter handles available with corresponding domain name left in the world and after 2 hours intensive searching and $20 later the closest we can get is ®

PS the effect is better in some fonts than others


check your #smn & #bmn footprint with @twicsy and @tweettunnel

check your smn & bmn footprint with these #smn & #bmn search services

ihubbub the bmn for freelancers and contractors

ihubbub is a business media network (bmn) for freelancers and contractors

ihubbub clear understand business media network marketing themselves since they have already bmn profiles on goog+, pinterest, twitter and youtube

#marketing the best #smn #smnm & #bmn #bmnm video ever

the best social media network marketing & business media network marketing video ever

but why is it on youtube twice ?

so i have to like it twice ? – actually i’d like it four times if necessary

Essential BMNm & SMNm for SMBs & SMEs

UCA / Creative Advantage Surrey organised a great course on "Business Media Network marketing (BMNm) & Social Media Network marketing (SMNm) for SMBs & SMEs" run by irun

irun really proved they understand BMNm & SMNm and have some additional resources you can use to understand even more about the future of BMNm and SMNm

and you can find more UCA Creative Advantage videos at

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Nonsuch Business Media Networking

Nonsuch Palace in Cheam, Surrey, is another good example of an organisation who understand Social Media Networking marketing and Business Media Networking marketing !

As well as the Nonsuch Palace corporate site you can find them on:

and have some of their events listed on upcoming

and they have even managed to get a 2min plug in a C4 TimeTeam 4OD special on Henry VIII mansions just fast forward to 01h08m !

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