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opting in to @microsoftuk #windows insider builds s easy ! opting out is a bit harder

opting in to @microsoftuk #windows insider builds s easy ! opting out is a bit harder


You can either opt out with the next production or publicly released build, or restore your device to its original operating system.

mozilla firefox browser betas in your chosen language

mozilla firefox browser betas (regular, developer & nightly) in your chosen language

LogMeIn Hamachi VPN

A beta of LogMeIn Hamachi VPN is now available for Linux and offers connectivity from dispersed environments to your resources.


LogMeIn network visualisation

after installing the hamachi rpm

# service logmein-hamachi start
# hamachi login
# hamachi attach "your-logmein-email-addr"
# hamachi

the final hamachi command will list your settings

if you want it to autostart on reboot you’ll need to

# chkconfig logmein-hamachi on

full documentation is available in /opt/logmein-hamachi/README

# hamachi -h
LogMeIn Hamachi, a zero-config virtual private networking utility, ver

Open Source ON2 VP8 WebM Video Codec

Google have just released the ON2 VP8 Video Codec as Open Source and are now started to deploy it in the Goog Chromium browser and on Goog YouTube ! Adobe have already promised to include support for it in their latest Flash Player !

ON2 VP8 Comparisons

ON2 VP8 WebM

ON2 VP8 Players

ON2 VP8 editors for creating and publishing content

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ed/l/x/ubuntu 10.4 lts

first the good news ! ed/l/x/ubuntu 10.4 will be a long term support (lts) release and with the help of vmware player 3.0.1 (P4 or higher reqd) you can create a virtual machine to help test the 10.4 beta today using vmwares zero auto install feature which also auto installs vmware tools & vmware toolbox !


the bad news is a mass of controversy over moving the min, max, restore and close buttons to the top left hand corner of the windows !

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