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Classic Cloud Foundry End of Life 28th May 2013

Classic Cloud Foundry End of Life 28th May 2013

This service is being decommissioned on May 28th 2013 and all administration and management controls will be terminated at that time


oracle cloudworld london excel 2013 review

oracle cloudworld london excel 2013 – the complete review

i had a fantastic day today at #oracle #cloudworld @ #london #excel and now i finally know which cloud to choose

it was interesting to contrast it with last weeks #salesforce #cloudforce but also unfair since catering for 2,000 punters is clearly easier than catering for 20,000

talk of the day was from @alanlepo but i heard good things about the mersk and the predictable peformance talks

just like the salesforce #cloudforce event the oracle #cloudworld event was very social media network and business media network focused but 10/10 for oracle actually displaying LIVE twitter feeds on their VDUs

at the end of the day it turns out i got the same number of clicks on my tweeted photo link http://goo.gl/uZGzx as on my oracle free 30 day trial link http://goo.gl/g1uAe and @thebizcouch even think there may have been a record breaking 2000 tweets from the event

if you are a cloud developer the cloud choice is now very EASY !

just choose what sort of cloud you and how long you need it for and if the oracle offer of a 30 day eval of any type of cloud is not long enough for you i suggest you try one of the following:

  • IAAS – Amazon AWS cloud – ONE YEAR
  • PAAS – Red Hat OpenShift cloud – INDEFINITE
  • SAAS – SalesForce cloud – INDEFINITE

oracle cloudworld photos

oracle cloudworld swag

ACA the next 3TA

Android Cloud Apps (ACA) may be the next three tier architecture (3TA) !

Android is

Google Androids such Nexus Mobiles are more than a mobile they are a platform

Cloud is

The Amazon Ubuntu Eucalytpus Cloud wil power the apps

Apps are

The apps running on the cloud such as and Google App Engine apps will provide the intelligence

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Now everyone can try an Amazon AWS EC2 JumpBox for an hour !

You dont need an Amazon AWS Account, a credit card or even need ElasticFox !

JumpBox will automatically start up an Amazon AMI for you on the cloud and shut it down one hour later !

Try an Amazon EC2 JumpBox with Zenoss for yourself for an hour @ http://www.jumpbox.com/app/zenoss

Just give them your email address your get three URLs:

Surely this is the future of all software demos for distros, software appliances, virtual machines, etc etc ?

JumpBox - Home_1228909867423JumpBox - Home_1228909867423Zenoss_1228910226419Zenoss_1228910195825

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