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@amazon @amazonuk @amazonmp3 cd #autorip wishlist bug in detail

it is very simple ! some autorip CDs are also available WITHOUT autorip from third party amazon “sellers” and when you add a link to a amazon autorip CD to your wish list or use it in your amazon associate account the autorip CD is DELETED and REPLACED with the non autorip version thus losing AMAZON and/or YOU the price difference in this case its DK CD with autorip  @ £10 v DK CD without autorip @ £6

Thats a 40% revenue loss !

The OFFICIAL response from amazon is as follows:

AutoRip is eligible only for the CD’s that are purchased directly from Amazon.co.uk  (ie, Dispatched from and sold by Amazon) and not from sellers, if you wish to get AutoRip for the CD’s then, while placing the orders from your wishlist, make sure you are purchasing it from Amazon.co.uk (by clicking the respective ‘Add to basket’ button which is seen beside ‘Amazon.co.uk‘ of that CD).

Please follow the steps below:

1) Add the item to wishlist.

2) When you decide to purchase, click the title name in your wishlist.

3) When the item opens in next page, click ‘Add to basket’ button which is seen beside ‘Amazon.co.uk‘ on rightside of the page under ‘More Buying Choices’

4) And proceed to checkout. In this way you can be sure that you purchase the CD directly from Amazon.co.uk and getAutorip for the same.

How many amazon customers do you think will actually remember go through all that PAIN to get the autorip version ?

The @amazon @amazonuk @amazonmp3  cd #autorip wishlist bug could cost @amazon and @amazonassociates £Ms but @amazon don’t care ! WHY NOT ?

see amazon associate links below for £10 and £6 version THEY are the same since amazon have replaced the AUTORIP version with non autorip in BOTH cases

Glad Rag Doll

Glad Rag Doll