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apple store password settings option MOVES after you enable restrictions

apple store password settings option MOVES after you enable restrictions

after you enable restrictions instead of going to

  • settings | itunes | password settings

you need to go to

  • settings | general | restrictions | password settings

if you want to always require apple istore itunes password for purchases and to turn it off the for free apps

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ios 10.3.1 isnt just any os update its an apple os AND fs update

ios 10.3.1 isnt just any os update its an apple os AND fs update yes as well as updating your devices OS it will also update your devices filesystem (from HFS+ to AFS)

so you might find it slower than a regular update

PS fed up with all those mobile updates then dont worry mobiles will die

howto display / enable apple utf8 emoji on ed/x/ubuntu gnu/linux


aptitude install ttf-ancient-fonts

you should now see

  • BACK ON TOP SOON as 🔙 🔛 🔝 🔜

instead of something like

F0F0F0F0 F0F0F0F0 F0F0F0F0 F0F0F0F0

thanks to

see also

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apple v fbi v freedom


unlike in the movies why do the best hackers on the planet not work for the FBI? Because the FBI will not hire anyone with a 24-inch purple mohawk, 10-gauge ear piercings, and a tattooed face who demands to smoke weed while working and won’t work for less than a half-million dollars a year



apple can make you wait a year to read your books

apple make you wait a year to read your books if you forget to logout of ibooks itunes istore on any computers you have used

You Have Already Authorised Five Computers

You can still make purchases on this computer, but you will need to transfer them to an authorised machine or device to play them. If you wish to play purchases on this computer, you will need to first deauthorise a currently authorised computer.

BTW You can deauthorise all your PCs in 12 months time

two #goodish reasons to replace your #flos #opensource #goog #android #mobile with a #closedsource #apple #ios #iphone

two goodish reasons to replace your opensource goog android with a closedsource apple ios iphone

1) When you crop a iphone photo it auto straightens it !

and if you live in London or Paris (or other big city)

2) Apple’s iOS iPhone 3D maps leave Google Earth 3D and Nokia Maps 3D looking old fashioned


apple ios iphone 3d map

apple ios iphone 3d map

apple ios iphone 3d map

apple ios iphone 3d map

some weird @apple #appstore #icloud #itunes features for families and groups

some wierd apple icloud itunes features for families and groups

you can now share apps with others and buy a monthy recurring gift card for others


it would probably be much easier if you could transfer an app store purchase to another account BUT APPLE WONT LET YOU DO THAT SO THAT WHEN YOU DIE YOUR APPS DIE WITH YOU