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create your own paperless newspaper with paper.li

create your own paperless newspaper with paper.li

example paperless newspapers

opensuse papersless newspapers

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MyBlogLog Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 Aggregator

I've finally twigged how to use MyBlogLog ! Yahoo have done it again by buying the best Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 social media network aggregator I've seen yet !

  1. Join MyBlogBlog
  2. Add your blogs / sites / invisible wikki's etc, etc
  3. Add the MyBlogBlog JavaScript to your blogs / sites
  4. Authenticate your sites (by adding (& deleting !) a post or META tag)
  5. Add your Social Media Networks and Business Media Networks (they integrate with almost all of them such as del.icio.us, upcoming, last.fm,  flickr, youtube, pownce,  jaiku, etc, etc)
  6. Create a network of like minded social media networkers just like you would do on del.icio.us, flickr, last.fm or VOX
  7. Enjoy a single portal to all your co – social media networkers blogs, posts, pownces, twits, etc, etc !
  8. Finally send a feature request to MyBlogBlog asking them for VOX integration / support !

PS Please excuse all the excessive etc, etc's

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my supermarket uses AI to make your shopping “low fat” and more “healthy” !

Now you can do your supermarket shopping online and compare other supermarket prices at the same time by using mysupermarket !

Why use mySupermarket?

You still select items, buy them and get delivery from your usual supermarket – but you have much more control over the contents and price of your trolley.Your shopping experience will be easier and your wallet better off:

  • Find what you want with a consumer friendly image-based shelf display
  • Watch your potential savings increase while you shop
  • Keep an eye on how much your trolley costs in the other supermarkets
  • Switch your entire trolley seamlessly to any other supermarket, or
  • Don't switch: stay in your usual supermarket and use the 'Price Checker' feature to check whether you can swap some of your items for others on special offer or better value.
  • You can also use the 'Health Checker' feature to check whether you can swap some of your items for similar products with fewer calories, or lower salt, sugar, fat or saturated fat.
  • Find all the offers and deals in one place in the Special Offers Department.

and according to term 3.20.2 of their TermsAndConditions they use AI to make your shopping more healthy !

  • we may offer you alternative items which are more healthy (meaning that the traffic lights Health Information generally show a more healthy alternative on balance, although some particular traffic light colours among the mix, may signal that one or more aspects may be less healthy; however, on balance the traffic light health signalling will be more healthy in our view and we bias our health algorithm towards lower fat content)

They even have their own WordPress blog @ http://mysupermarket.wordpress.com/

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Swik & Web 2.0 & bozpages


Why are Swik or Wikia better than Digg or MySpace?

Traditional communities are finite realms constraining the infinite power of the human mind!

I am not suggesting that Swik or Wikia are the answers to the world's problems, but they are a damned sight closer than the noise, adolecence and chaos of most communities out there right now. Face it folks cute don't always get it done!

Alex Bosworth and others have been creating innovative and provocative works like the Web 2.0 area at SourceLabs. Here you will find hundreds of hours of work revealing a consolidation of blogs unlike any I have seen, and simple mouseovers help navigation in the cleanest way.

Created with what Alex termed "bozpages", this simple organization of data looks ripe for the addition of your own personal touches. Swik is a work in progress, and it will take people to transform it into anything like I have suggested.


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Use Google Labs Reader to read VOX RSS feeds !

If you have a Google account just goto Google Labs Reader and just type "vox <someones-vox-name>" ie "vox osde-info" into the Google Reader search box and you'll instantly be able to subscribe to all their VOX RSS feeds ! Its a sort of FeedBurner in reverse !

You can even add Google Reader feeds to your Personalised Google homepage

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