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tenda nova #mesh #wifi #meshwifi #xmas networking fun #netadmin thanks to @amazonuk #todaysdealsand @tenda @tendauk

thanks to amazon uk  todays deals i have managed to build a 4 node tenda nova mesh wifi network for less than £100  – one 2 pack for £40 (todaydeal) and second 2 pack for £60 (ebuyer assoc)

almost ZERO config i just had to factory reset one of the boxes and swap it to be master then all 4 nodes worked fine and as a bonus my 2.4G network is now 5G enabled

probably overkill for a 1 bed flat but perfect for a 4+ bed house

on amazon







Maybe I should record my calls for QA purposes ?

Yesterday I phoned one of my broadband suppliers and they said they were "sorry" for the 24 hr outage but that I couldn't cancel my contract until December but would I like a "free" Wi-Fi modem router worth £40 ?

(Stupidly) I slept on the deal and phoned them back today only to told they "never" gave away Wi-Fi routers but they could offer me 25p compensation and that I could "cancel" my account at any time !

I'll be recording my calls for QA purposes from now on ! So make sure you listen for that beep !

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How fast is your 3G/ADSL/Cable broadband connection ?

You can test your ADSL/Cable/3G broadband speed at :

The results from my Virgin Media cable connection were (2000Kb down 250Kb up) and
here are the results from my 3G mobile connection (250Kb down 50Kb up) :

And if you want to switch ISPs there is a list of tel nos where you can get your MAC code from @:

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