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web accounts, devices, history and security spring clean time @googleuk @microsoftuk #xmashols #security #springclean

if you have some spare time this #xmashols maybe it would be good to use it to spring clean your web accounts




android google play account inconsistancies

android google play accounts have massive inconsistancies

an android lets you install multiple google play accounts (btw you CANNOT merge the accounts https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/63304?hl=en)

  • to install and run apps from multiple google play accounts
  • to downloaded and switch between google play movies from multiple accounts
  • to download google play music from ONE account at a time

YES switching google play music accounts DELETES all the music you downloaded from the previous account

you may be able to merge your music by downloading it to a PC using

Google Music Manager https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=2#/manager


Google Play Music for Chrome https://support.google.com/googleplaymusic/answer/4627259?visit_id=636810137421969411-755980015&rd=1


re-uploading it to your primary google play account

see also


Accounting and Invoicing for SMBs and SMEs

There is now a choice of free libre open source software that you can use for Accounting and Invoicing for small medium business's (SMBs) and small medium enterprises (SMEs):

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VOX | Edit Profile | Contact Information | Your Accounts Elsewhere

How did I manage to miss the "VOX | Edit Profile | Contact Information | Your Accounts Elsewhere" other social media network accounts listing feature ? I've been using My Link instead / by mistake and wondering why i couldn't see the other SMN icons or add more that four other networks !

I've just sorted it out so now you can see links to my del.icio.us, flickr, pownce, last.fm, youtube, etc, etc accounts !

Make sure you change the default visibility of your other SMNs to "visible to : the world" (if thats what you want !)

How many users does it take before VOX add automatic icons to "other" SMNs such as mybloglog, nowpublic, virb ?

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“other than computer software and development costs”