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NOKIA 6220 is far from perfect

NOKIA have still got a lot of ironing out to do to their 6220 Symbian S60 GSM 850/900/1800 WCDMA 900/2100 mobile phone before it becomes usable !

For starters each App uses a different (or multiple keys/menus to Exit) !

  • Exit menu, Red key, CANCEL key, Options | Exit etc etc

and I have already accidently disconnected Skype, GPS, Maps dozens of times !

Each App uses a different key to zoom in & out !

  • Up/Down, */#, 1/3 etc etc

Have NOKIA heard of usability guidelines ?

It trys to be clever and turn on GPS when you use maps or the camera but the only way to turn GPS off (and the annoying blue light) after it has automatically come on is to go into maps and Options | Exit !

So when's the first service pack due ?

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Series 60 Software for Bluetooth GPS’s

If you have a Series 60 mobile phone with GPS or bluetooth GPS such as a NOKIA 6220 you can help OpenStreetMap by uploading GPX tracks. First you need to upload some Series 60 GPS tracking software to your mobile then you can start posting your tracks to OpenStreetMap.

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Does the NOKIA 6220 really geotag your photos ?

The NOKIA 6220 advert on three.co.uk says:

You'll never miss a moment with the Nokia 6220 because it comes with a 5mp camera and Xenon flash to capture anything and everything you want

Not only this, but the 6220 has built in GPS, UK Nokia maps and geotagging capability for when you're rushing around on the move. There'll be no chance of you ever getting lost again

If you like keeping yourself informed by browsing the web and receiving emails, you can now do it from your mobile at broadband speeds on 3's Turbo (HSPDA) network. Chat to your friends on Windows Live Messenger, share your photos on Facebook, or use any of the many applications the 6220 comes with like Skype, and access to eBay and Google

but does this mean it really geotags your photo's when you take them ?

If so @ £15 / month (for 18 months) I'll be buying one tomorrow !

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