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USB 2 v USB 3 or 2 USB 2 or not 2 USB 3

USB 2 v USB 3 or 2 USB 2 or not 2 USB 3

To get maximum performance out of your USB peripherals make sure you plug USB 2 devices into USB 2 sockets and USB 3 devices into USB 3 sockets

For example is a waste to plug a mouse into a USB 2 socket and you can increased your USB 3 disk drive from 30M/s to 80M/s if its plugged into a USB 3 socket.

So how do you tell ?

  • USB 3 sockets are often BLUE
  • Run Device Manager and Order by Connection
  • Use a hdd case that has a power light showing you the speed (the SALCAR SATA USB 3 case power LED glows WHITE for USB2 and BLUE for USB3)
  • Manually test transfer speeds in different sockets

are @sainsburys £99 #lowspec @hp ac100na @microsoftuk #windows notebooks a waste of time and money ? #mktg #fail

are @sainsburys £99 #lowspec @hp ac100na @microsoftuk #windows notebooks a waste of time and money ? #mktg #fail

the sainsburys hp ac100na is a low spec intel celeron N3050 with 2G ram and 30G disk

it is almost impossible to upgrade it from windows 10 1709 to 1803 or 1809 but if you have 100 spare hours and follow these hacks you can however you may just prefer to try and return it to sainsburys or throw it away in your nearest WEEE recycling bin

hacks required to upgrade to windows 10 version 1809 on a hp ac100na

  • turn on flight mode (to prevent auto updates over wifi)
  • run disk clean-up (this takes around 4 hours each run)
  • select delete all previous versions
  • watch out for the nasty disk clean-up bug (see below)
  • reboot
  • ensure you have at least 12G of free disk space
  • turn off flight mode (to allow auto updates to kick in)
  • allow auto update to run
  • restart after a few updates have downloaded (do not wait for all updates to download or you will run out of diskspace)
  • hopefully these partial updates will get installed on restart

REPEAT the above steps until windows 10 1803 and windows 10 1809 have been installed

and if you get any windows 10 version 1809 0x80070002 errors DO NOT click retry but keep REPEATING the above steps until windows 10 1803 and windows 10 1809 have been installed


so if you havent given up and get lucky you should end up with a 1809 install confirmation screen


the nasty windows 10 disk clean-up bug

disk clean-up randomly injects a compress your drive option into list of folders to clean up so you cannot just tick all the folders without reading every one carefully


footnote MOST but not all intel celerons are rubbish for example the intel celeron N2840 used in lenovo ideapad flex 10 is actually amazing and appears to be 10x faster than the intel celeron N3050


have you updated your windows 10 version 1607 to windows 10 creators edition yet ?

have you updated windows 10 to windows 10 creators edition yet ? or are you still running windows 10 version 1607 (release 14393) ?

if you want to try and get windows 10 version 1703 (release 15063) early then you can click here


to speed up the process

windows vista isnt dead just yet

windows vista isnt dead just yet although after installing SP2 windows update hangs and svchost will use 100% CPU and 1G continuously for many days

so the first thing you have to do after installing SP2 is disable automatic updates

then manually install

alternatively the guardian recommend you throw away any amd sempron notebooks and switch to a free unactivated or beta version of windows 10

or buy a refurb notebook

while wired has some other suggestions

windows vista sp2 updates

#windoz 10 changing the #locale from #US to #UK is no longer one click

m$ have changed the control panel(s) in windows 10 for clock, languages and region so you now need to

  • download English (United Kingdom) Language Pack – Windows 10
  • reboot
  • choose UK instead of US in about 6 different places
  • reset default locale to UK
  • copy UK locale to system locale and the new user locale

see also

windows 10 us & uk

windows 10 us & uk

windows 10 us & uk

the safe (and only way for some old thinkpad users) to try m$ #windows10

the safe (and only way for some old thinkpad users) to try windoz10 is to download the windows 10 ISO and run it in an oracle virtual box vm

oracle virtual box windoz 10

oracle virtual box windoz 10