Helicopter Units and losses in the Vietnam War

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One out of every ten Americans who served in Vietnam became a casualty.  As a result, 58,169 were killed and 304,000 wounded out of 2.29 million who served.  Although the percent of dead is similar to other wars, amputations or crippling wounds were 300% higher than in World War II.  75,000 Vietnam Veterans are severely disabled.

11MEDEVAC helicopters flew nearly 500,000 missions, airlifting 900,000 patients (nearly one-half were Americans).  The average lapse between being wounded and reaching a hospital was less than one hour, and as a result, less than one percent of those wounded died of their wounds within the first 24 hours.

The helicopter provided unprecedented mobility.  Without helicopters, it would have taken three times as many troops to secure the 800 mile border with Cambodia and Laos (the politicians thought the Geneva Conventions of 1954 and the Geneva Accords of 1962 would secure the border).

1Army Huey’s totaled 9,713,762 flight hours…

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