a better way to copy link migrate your google drive photos to your #unlimited google photos photos #googphotos #hack #tip @flickr #flickralt #flickrip

a better way to copy link your google drive photos to your #unlimited (but at a lower res) google photos photos #googphotos #hack #tip @flickr #flickralt #flickrip

FIRST – DO NOT CLICK the google link my photos button

SECOND – instead

  • goto https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/my-drive
  • choose the folders photos you want to migrate and zip and download them to your local PC
  • move the folders photos into your Pictures directory
  • download and run google Backup and Sync to copy photos from Pictures into google photos

you can then delete your photos from your google drive (and cancel your google one account if you want to save an extra £1.50 a month)

YES this technique will require more bandwidth but will FREE up all your google drive space (and any chargable google one cloud space) and give you FULL delete control over your photos

BTW and if you need extra bandwidth at home why not switch to