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good android v bad android and getting over withdrawal symptoms of moving off ios

android compared to ios is a mess (but its cheaper and open)

  • multiple browsers (even out of the box)
  • multiple mail apps (even out of the box)
  • dozens of filemanager apps
  • dozens of memory cleaner apps
  • dozens of memory options (internal, sd, usb otg)

almost every android (even nexus editions) have different

  • power and volume buttons
  • menu buttons (sometimes soft sometimes hard sometimes invisible)
  • preinstalled vendor apps
  • preinstalled 3rd party apps (sometimes even amazon and fbook)

some good android (mobiles and tablets) manufacturers include

and some bad android manufacturers include

  • alcatel (low spec hardware)
  • samsung (over customised ui)
  • sony (preinstalled 3rd party apps)