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free “unlimited” photo backup shrinkage

some free “unlimited” photo cloud backup sites shrink your photos

one way to see how this affects your photos is to use a panorama shot such as






virtualisation and amd and intel speculative execution security bugs

virtualisation and amd and intel speculative execution security bugs

if you want to use amd and intel microcode updates that mitigate against “branch target injection” (aka meltdown and spectre) defects in their CPUs you may want to patch your host and enable hypervisor-assisted guest mitigation so virtual machine guests also function

  • Hypervisor-Specific Mitigation
  • Hypervisor-Assisted Guest Mitigation
  • Operating System-Specific Mitigations

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linuxlite xfce4 panel plugins part 2

linuxlite xfce4 panel plugins part


linuxlite gnu/linux distro pros and cons

linuxlite 3.8 gnu/linux distro pros and cons


  • it boots into a gui from iso (you can then click install to hd)
  • the 64bit version works even on a Pentium Dual Core T4200 2Ghz
  • it works as a vm in virtualbox or vmware
  • it has aptitude and synaptic preinstalled
  • it has vi (yes there are some distros that dont)
  • its based on a LTS ubuntu (16.04)
  • it takes the best of LX (lightdm, lxterm) and XFCE (other apps)


  • points to US repos
  • proprietary repos are enabled
  • dev repos are enabled
  • install log msg timestamps are in a US timezone even when you install it in the UK