4 Reasons Not To Accept That Counter-Offer

Joe Blogs

Admiral Ackbar – “It’s A Trap!”

Currently feel undervalued? Waiting on a long awaited promised promotion? Being scrupulously micromanaged? Desk situated right outside a poorly ventilated toilet?

This sounds like a terrible start to a rather cheesy injury claims advert, but these are just a handful of reasons why someone would quit their job. So, why after taking the lengths to attain a new job (writing a CV, interviewing, testing etc.) would you accept a counter offer from your current employer!?

Like Admiral Ackbar said (he’s the legendary catfish looking fella from Star Wars pictured above), IT’S A TRAP!

Below I have compiled 4 reasons as to why you should never accept a counter offer.


If you’re counter offered, you will most likely be presented with a salary raise. Why do you need to quit to get a pay rise!? It’s definitely worth thinking about why…

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