so @amazonuk @amazonhelp can you PLEASE read very carefully and tell me my what my #dvkbdmc credit TOTAL is ASAP

i have now placed loads of orders on @amazonuk and clicked the free norush prime delivery downgrade button loads of times

@FREE No-Rush Delivery (3 – 5 business days)Get a £1 Amazon Appstore, Digital Video, Kindle Book & Digital Music Credit.

but i now have NO IDEA what my dvkbdmc credit TOTAL is !


About FREE No-Rush Delivery

Choose FREE No-Rush Delivery and you’ll receive a £1 promotional credit that can be applied towards eligible items from Amazon Appstore, Amazon Video, Kindle Book Store, and the Digital Music Store. Your promotional credit will be automatically applied to your account when your order is dispatched. Your £1 No-Rush promotional credit will automatically be applied the next time you place an order for an eligible item. Only customers located in the United Kingdom will be able to redeem their No-Rush promotional credits.

Your order with No-Rush Delivery will arrive in 3 – 5 business days. This No-Rush credit expires on April 15, 2016. Terms and Conditions apply.


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