the gnu/linux client for @hubic (#free 25G/30G of #cloud storage from @ovh requires #mono

the gnu/linux client for #hubic (free 25G/30G of cloud storage from @ovh requires #mono and other debian packages

so to successfully install in on debian ed/x/ubuntu you will need to

  • install gdebi-gtk
  • download hubic.deb
  • run gdebi-gtk
  • open hubic.deb
  • click install and gdebi-gtk will install mono and other dependancies for you


you may still get some lintian errors but may be able to ignore them

warning: the authors of lintian do not recommend running it with root privileges!

W: hubic: syntax-error-in-debian-changelog line 29 "badly formatted trailer line"
W: hubic: syntax-error-in-debian-changelog line 31 "found start of entry where expected more change data or trailer"
E: hubic: debian-changelog-file-contains-invalid-email-address julien@Mint-15-MATE
E: hubic: debian-changelog-file-contains-invalid-email-address julien@Mint-15-MATE

Lintian finished with exit status 1

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