before buying a #domain from @123-reg, @godaddy or @ovh check that #dnssec is included #netadmin #sysadmin #security

ive just had three quotes £20+tax, £30, £60 for a couple of domains from 123-reg, godaddy and ovh domain registrars

interestingly godaddy and ovh now show trademark disclaimers

domain disclaimer

domain disclaimer

i ended up chosing OVH (not the cheapest) because they have additional services included for free:

Activation of the OVH Whois Obfuscator

The free OwO service enables you to hide your personal information, WHOIS for domains ending with the following extensions: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi, .cc, .tv and .me .

For further information, please see our guide: OwO (OVH Whois Obfuscator)

Activation of the DNSSEC protocol

The free activation of the DNSSEC protocol allows you to protect your domain against cache poisoning and to fill some inherent gaps in the DNS protocol designed to falsify answers from DNS servers. If you tick this box, the DNSSEC option will be enabled on your domain from its registration, seamlessly. Otherwise you will be able to activate DNSSEC at any time via your manager.

For further information, please check our DNSSEC presentation sheet.


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