Are there any flaws in the SalesForce Social Enterprise Vision ?

Is the Social Enterprise Vision that SalesForce presented at todays CloudForce flawed and based on an utopian view of how people work and simply an IRC 2.0 built on “cloud and mirrors”.

At todays CloudForce every other presentation was preceeded by a Safe Harbour statement required by the SalesForce legal team ! Maybe that team should take a closer look at a CRM system that tracks their customers blogs, photos, videos, tweets and establish that doesnt violate any privacy issues or at their HR system that not only makes everyones “objectives” public but also wherethe they have been met or not !

How many companys have employees with spare time to watch how many badges they have won, like other colleagues, help other colleagues reach their sales targets or did i miss the bit where all the members of your social enterprise network get their cut of your commission ?

Its also worrying that the SalesForce software doesnt automatically calculate the “best price” for the customer relying on internal social messages from “pricing experts” to suggest the customer might qualify for this months “bundle” deal.

And why do they perpetuate the myth that only sales people are “ambitious and motivated”. Developers have been sharing and collaborating using IRC 1.0 for over 30 years – it just wasnt called ‘the social enterprise’.




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