goog latitude can automatically geo tag your panoramio photos

now you dont need a GPS enabled camera or a EyeFi GPS SD card because you can just run goog latitude on your mobile and goog will geo tag your photos for you AUTOMATICALLY when you upload them to panoramio !

In order to be able to map photos based on your location, there are a couple of preconditions that need to be fulfilled.

1. You need to have Google Latitude Location History enabled, and you need to give access to Panoramio.
2. Your uploaded photo must have its creation time stored in its metadata (EXIF). Most digital cameras do this already, so you only have to pay attention that any post-processing you do should preserve that information.
3. You must have a Latitude enabled device with you and and make sure that it is active active around the same time when you take the photos.

Panoramio will access your Google Latitude History to find out your location at the time when your photos were taken. 


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